Summer Blog #1


Fuck The World

With money comes power, with that comes respect. Money makes the world go round & I’m tired of feeling poor!. I seriously do not know what I’m living, I know I have a purpose in life I want to be famous for something that people will love I want to have money & fame & girls screaming my name, I want to perform with the biggest names in the game, I want to be liked at school ! I want a lot of shit but while the days pas by I know I won’t get them ! My mom is always on her husbands side she agrees with him on everything I just hope when I graduate I can just be independent and move as far away as possible ! I hate being around all the motherfucking white kids monday through friday… Some think they are cool, smart, strong & I’m the only black kid in some of my classes ! I put on a mask & act like everything is ok but I cannot fucking take the racist comments anymore !!!! I have been called a “Nigga”, a kid has told me to “Pick His Cotton” & many more ! This world is fucked up ! So I’m sitting here typing this shit and thinking to myself … Can I have one good school year ? Its like every time a nigga smile these white boys are quick to make your day bad & they wonder why I got fucking anger problems why I always want to fight ! Shit is not free and since I want Money.Power.Respect I’m just gonna have to take it.